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OakShade Truffles is home to over 5000 beautiful Oak Trees, it’s along the roots of those trees where some of the region’s best Black Périgord Truffle are grown.

We are a family owned and operated business with a father and son duo at the helm. It was a shared love for cooking with good food where the dream began. Always chatting about ideas for the future at family dinners, we decided to take the leap and move rural to be part of a community producing locally.

It didn’t take long to stumble upon this beautiful property in Mudgee with workable farmland, a perfect little creek running along one side and an all-around incredible view. But the most amazing part of it all was 36 acres of trees; rows and rows of truffle producing oak trees. We instantly felt it was meant to be.

Even though our journey is only just beginning, our Robur and Ilex Oak trees have been producing Black Périgord Truffles in this region since 2017.

We can’t thank Wendy, Andrew and Rob enough for creating such an immaculate Truffery. Now that the baton has been passed on to us, we will continue the hard work and dedication it takes to ensure each harvest is better than the last.

Cheers to crazy ideas over good food, lots of laughs and a beer or two.

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